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Koala Credits

Excellent customer service and speedy deliveries. EU customers often can buy cheap WoW gold.

Cheap wow gold isn’t easy to find frequently on Koala Credits but this weakness is compensated by the excellent service, fast and reliable. Koala Credits is one of best wow gold sites, for its many great features. The first is the quality of the overall service: respect everytime the delivery times promised, has a very helpful live support with operators able to resolve quickly any your question, has a nice website layout and checkout process is simple and quickly. Deliveries arrives most times in few minutes by face-to-face method. Is a secure site where you can make safe purchases every time. Wow gold prices not among the cheapest for US server, the prices average maintains it on medium levels. But you can frequently buy cheap wow gold for EU server.

Company Overview

In activity in the MMORPGs currencies market from 2010. Their company is based in Hong Kong. Was founded by 5 friends who have played for years to various MMORPGs and they know perfectly every customer needs in the buying of MMORPGs currencies. Maybe is for this reason that Koala Credits gives a great service! Even if Koala Credits is a relatively young company it is made quickly a great reputation becoming one of most trusted and used MMORPGs currencies store.

Customer Service

(The overall service) Koala Credits is one of best WoW gold site for service reliability. Buying WoW gold from them is safe and fast.(Layout and usability of website) Koala Credits has an excellent customer service. Its website has a nice layout and navigation is easily  (Quality of the support) Offers every time a reliable and useful support, live 24/7, thanks to operators prepared and kind. (Simplicity of the checkout process) The checkout process is simple and quickly, if you’re already registered in Koala Credits you just add to cart your currency, sign in, type your main character name, choose the delivery method you prefer and pay. (‘Track Order’ service) Using PayPal you can track your order quickly, just after the purchase, directly by the widget on the homepage. (Type of the refund policy) Koala Credits offers a: ‘no-questions-asked’ refund policy for all orders. You can ask your money back at any times before delivery.

Delivery times and methods

Koala Credits has an average time delivery very fast. If you buy wow gold by face to face methods you’ll must receive an sms with indications to do the transfer, to know where, when and how you’ll meet Koala Credits operator in game. Usually you’ve got your gold in few minutes. Sometimes it takes more times because there are a lot of security steps but it speak about few hours not more. The others delivery methods are in-game mail, contracts and auction house transactions.

Prices: is possible to buy cheap wow gold from Koala Credits?

On Koala Credits you can frequently buy cheap wow gold for EU servers. Cheap WoW Gold .com recommends Koala Credits for all EU customers who paying in € because can buy their gold (priced in $) having a vantage on the purchase price thanks to the euro-dollar exchange. So you can buy cheap wow gold not giving up to an excellent and fast service that Koala Credits offers. For US customers the WoW gold prices are average. Only sometimes happens to find cheap wow gold for US servers.

Security – Payment methods

Koala Credits is very careful in terms of safety. Adopts many security system to avoid that your data are intercepted by third during transactions. Is customer certified by Bizrate. On Koala Credits you can make safe purchases through PayPal and the cards of PayPal circuit. On koala credits you can make safe purchases through paypal and the cards of PayPal circuit. Accepts other credit card like American Express, Mastercard, Discover and Visa.

List of the other WoW virtual goods and MMORPGs

Koala Credits sells also WoW Guide and WoW Powerleveling. Koala Credits sells also currencies and powerleveling for many other MMORPGs like: Age of Conan, Aion, All Points Bulletin, Cabal, City of Villains, Darkfall, Defiance, Diablo 3, Dofus, Dragon Nest, Dungeon Fighter Online, Dungeons and Dragons Online, Eden Eternal, EVE Online, EverQuestII, Final Fantasy XI, Final Fantasy XIV, Guild Wars 2, Knight Online, Last Chaos, Lord of the Rings Online, Maple Story, Perfect World, RaiderZ, RF Online, Rift, Ragnarok Online 2, RuneScape, Secret World, Shaiya, Silkroad Online, Star Trek Online, Star Wars Galaxies, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Tera, The Secret World, Tibia, Vindictus, Warhammer Online.

Cheap-WoW Gold.Com higly recommends Koala Credits for the great overall service.

Conclusion Rating
Koala Credits
5 stars

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