MMOXE has 10 years of experience in this market. It provides a professional service thanks to a large and skilled staff. Price are cheap both for US and EU.. MMOXE accepts many payment methods like PayPal, Trustwave, Google Wallet, and other. MMOXE offers many other WoW products well as gold: you can buy WoW items, WoW powerleveling, WoW cdkey, ecc.

Company Overview

MMOXE has eight years of operating experience in the WoW gold selling and many are the customers satisfied by its service. The MMOXE’s main office is in Kowloon, Hong Kong and has branches in China and the United States. MMOXE has hundred employees for its support department that must cater to customers from all world.

Customer Service

MMOXE provides 24/7 live chat for the convenience of those customers who wants a quick answer for their inquiries. It also provides an email service and a Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts. The site has a customer-friendly design: information is readily available for a first time visitor. Buying from MMOXE is simple and quickly: you can select your amount directly on the homepage then proceed to check-out chosing the delivery method and the payment method you prefer. MMOXE provides on its site a widget to quickly track down your order. You just have to key the order number and email address then press the search button. If your order will have delivery delay you can ask for a refund if it still not arrive. You will receive a full refund, or partial refund in case of a partial delivery, within 12 hours during weekdays and 24 hours during weekends (money booker payment requires 2-4 days).

Delivery Time and Methods

Once you chose the amount of gold you wanna buy, you can proceed to check out and choose 3 different delivery methods: auction house, face-to-face or in-game mail.  Since their staff are skilled in the face-to-face exchange, they advice to use it beacuse is the safest for protection of your account.


MMOXE significantly lowers the price when increases the amount of gold you choose, so if you can buy at cheap prices for little amount you can buy at very cheap prices if buy buy a big amount.

Payment methods

MMOXE ensures secure connection and transaction. It provides four methods of payment: PayPal, credit cards, Google Wallet and Wire transfer for transactions that are not over $200.00.

Other WoW goods

On MMOXE you can also  buy WoW items, WoW Power Leveling, WoW cdkey and WoW transmogrification.


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